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May 11, 2024 10:35 AM

FAMU Declares State of Emergency As Storm Clean-Up Begins

As a result of the damage and clean up efforts, the Tallahassee main campus will remain closed for extracurricular activities until further notice. Faculty and non-essential staff are asked to work remotely until instructed to return to the office. Other Professional Service (OPS) employees are permitted to work at the authorization of their supervisor. Monday, May 13 marks the start of Summer A and C semesters. Classes will be conducted via remote.... Read More


Andrew Chin

Associate Dean/Associate Professor/Principal Investigator - Engineering

1918 South MLK Blvd
Tallahassee, FL 32307


Andrew Chin, Interim Dean, School of Architecture and Engineering Technology


Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations and Neighborhood Crime


Pursuant to Sec. 381.986, F.S., Florida unlike other states, sole land use restriction is limited to prohibiting MMDs from a 500-foot radius of real property that comprise public and/or private K-12 schools. The project goals were to (1) explore existing MMDs in Tallahassee proximity to areas of crime concentrated within certain lower socio-economic communities, as well as (2) investigate accessibility to MMDs.



The subjects in this study were 10 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (MMDs) as well as Tallahassee/Leon GISD Staff


The study involved a two-phase descriptive approach using (1) Tallahassee-Leon County's Geographical Information System Department (TLC GIS) to identify the locations of MMDs and their proximity to crime; and (2) to investigate accessibility to existing MMDs using public transportation.

Findings and Implications


Finding reveals there is no relationship between the locations of MMDs and crime. Additional findings revealed a need for formal deliberation on where to locate future MMDs as related to local residents who rely on public transportation to ensure equal access.


Findings did not support a relationship between existing MMDs locations in Tallahassee and areas of crime, but they did reveal that future locations need to be deliberated in regard to the critical issue of equable access.

Impact on MMERI

MMERI may wish to use findings to educate statewide shareholders about equity on MMDs locations and accessibility.